What we offer

We offer help in any area in your statistical research when you are stuck and unable to meet the deadline. Whether it is the last minute of your submission to meet a deadline or confusion about the different measurement scales, the sample sizes or the hypothesis, we are there to guide you. If it is your post graduate doctoral thesis or a graduate statistical assignment we ensure that expert helps you to sail through with better grades.

We help the students in hypothesis and how the assumptions should be built. We also ensure that we help select the apt sample size for your research proposal, thesis, presentations or assignments. We also ensure that we assist in understanding the statistical help by keeping you updated at every stage and clarifying your doubts. At no point of the help offered the student feels left out or out of touch of their thesis or project.

We do an assessment of your research report or the draft, and then we enlist the steps that will follow in the statistical report. Therefore, while helping in the statistical aspect of your PhD we also ensure that your involvement is never ignored.